Welcome to Embedded Systems at Portland State University

We are a new extension of the ACM club on campus and are doing Android team programming.
You can check out our current projects by clicking the links below.

Android Projects
  • Arduino Projects
  • Window Utility Project
  • Links and APIs
  • Project Euler Problems/Solutions (not Embedded, but still fun)

  • Our Facebook group link is below as well. Please consider joining it.

    Embedded Systems @ PSU Facebook Group

    Some of the equipment we have for projects in the cabinet for events is listed below:

  • 5 Arduino UNO R3 boards
  • 5 Raspberry Pi boards
  • (5) mini-breadboards
  • (1) full size breadboard
  • Jumper wires (various lengths, both male-male and male-female)
  • (5) Cobbler breakout cables for Raspberry Pi
  • (1) 37-in-1 Sunfounder Sensor Kit
  • RFID reader/writer
  • RFID chips
  • 32x16 RGB LED Panel
  • (2) 16x2 LCD panels
  • (2) 1.8” TFT panels
  • and more...

    Finally, we are on the PSU IRC at #embedded.