Co-methylation (In Cramer Hall Room 171

01/31/2014 - Terry Speed

CpG methylation is a mitotically heritable epigenetic mark on DNA which plays a key role

in genomic imprinting, X-inactivation, transcriptional regulation, tissue specificity and carcinogenesis.

What is co-methylation? Loosely, it is the persistence of the methylated (M) or unmethylated (U) state

along a chromosome. Slightly more precisely, it is the association between the methylation state at

nearby CpGs, as a function of their separation. "Co-" here is meant to bring to mind correlation.

This talk will summarize some results concerning co-methylation we obtained by analysing publicly

available sequence data on whole genome bisuplhite-treated DNA. Our immediate goal was to see

whether we can simulate whole-genome methylation data that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

I'll explain why we want to do this. It turns out to be quite hard (for us).

Terry Speed and Peter Hickey,

Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Australia