Bitcoin -- A Technical Introduction

02/28/2014 - Austin Williams

"Bitcoin is the world's first decentralized, peer-to-peer, digital currency and payment system. At its heart is an open source value-transfer protocol that facilitates currency transfers among users without relying on a trusted third party. The protocol employs provable-cryptography to prevent counterfeiting, censorship, double-spending, and account seizures.

We'll learn how the bitcoin protocol works, discuss some of its strengths and weaknesses, and dispel some common misperceptions. No prior knowledge of cryptography is required, but a basic understanding of mathematical functions (ie: surjectivity, injectivity, domains, images, preimages, etc) will be assumed."

"Austin Williams received his M.S in Mathematics from PSU in December, 2013 and is currently a part-time lecturer in the math department at PSU. His primary areas of focus are abstract algebra, graph theory, and game theory. His current research involves classifying the minimal separating sets of surfaces of low genus."