CANCELLED -- iOS 7 Programming: An Introduction to Objective-C Mobile App Programming

04/04/2014 - Sean Walsh

"In this talk, we will be introducing the Objective-C language with the Cocoa Framework for programming iOS 7 mobile apps, which are used primarily on iPhone and iPad mobile devices. iOS apps currently hold a huge share in the app market, with 41.2% of all mobile apps being run on iPhones and iPads. Some of the topics covered will include Xcode 5, the Storyboard Builder, and UX Design. Time and interest permitting, we will cover some more advanced concepts such as gesture recognition and an introduction to delegates. This talk will hopefully be a springboard into the new Mac Hack day which the ACM will be holding on Friday afternoons from for any interested parties. Feel free to bring your MacBooks with Xcode 5 installed if you want to follow along interactively. Sean Walsh is the Outreach Coordinator of the Portland State Chapter of the ACM, and is actively pursuing a Masters Degree of Computer Science at PSU effective Spring 2014. Over Fall and Winter of the past year, he worked with a team of 7 to complete a behavior tracking system in iOS 7 with his Capstone team, and is very involved in the Mobile and Embedded Systems arenas in general. "