What I've learned about finding the right IT job by Gabrielle Roth from EnterpriseDB.

01/25/2013 - Gabrielle Roth

Ah, the IT department: Strange coworkers, on-call rotations, no budget for new equipment, and the grim realities of "consultant vs employee". We'll cover these and a few other situations you can expect to encounter, and potential coping methods. Of course, before we can consider all that, you have to actually have a job - so we\'ll also talk about ways to make your job hunt more successful: what's worked for me, what\'s worked for my friends, and (more importantly) what hasn\'t.

About the Speaker:

Gabrielle started out her post-college life as a microbiologist and fell into IT by way of technical writing. 15 or so years later, she still occasionally wonders what exactly she got herself into, but overall she's having a good time. Currently, she\'s a Systems Engineer with EnterpriseDB, a PostgreSQL company.',