Workshop: Introduction to Git and Github

06/01/2015 - Ryan Niebur, CS Undergraduate

"This event will be in FAB 88-10 (CS Linux Lab A, the Penguin Lab).

Git and other version control systems are an essential tool for anybody within Computer Science.

As a student, you can use version control to backup and track your changes to homework. If you realize you have gone down the wrong path, git makes it easy to turn back time and return to a previous version of it. Furthermore, version control will be the core method used to collaborate with your team on a daily basis in the workforce. It cannot hurt to have this skill on your resume now!

This workshop introduces you to the world of version control using git and helps you start exploring, including: * Explanation of the high level concepts involved with version control * Setting up a Github account, including perks available to students * Basics of using git for a small project, such as for your homework

We can go further into any specific area that people have questions!"