Free Professional Headshot Portrait

11/13/2015 - Photographer: SHALINNA PEN PHOTOGRAPHY

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) will be hosting an event at Friday where you can come in and get a professional headshot portrait taken. You get to keep the photo and you can use it in your LinkedIn profile, resume, or any other place you'd like. This is an opportunity for YOU to look professional in how you present yourself online and on paper.

When you choose a headshot portrait for your social media accounts, you need to think carefully. What is the purpose of your social networking activity? Are you representing yourself as an individual, or are you online as part of your business? Perhaps you’re a student looking for a job. Studies show people with a good headshot are likely to be hired for a well-paying job. Your social media headshot can seem no bigger than a thumbnail, but it packs a powerful punch.