ACM Tutors (Fall 2013)

The ACM provides supplementary CS tutoring services for the college of engineering. Tutors can be found in FAB 88-02. Below is a table of names and times the ACM tutors are available. If you would like to volunteer to be a tutor, contact us or show up to one of our events. Volunteers need to have passed CS 163 (Data Structures) or its equivalent. Most volunteers sign up for an hour or two a week, depending on what fits their schedule.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11-12 Clayton
12-1 Shawn
1-2 Shawn Alexander Steiert
2-3 Peter Alevar
3-4 Peter Jameson McCowan Brook Boese
4-5 Jameson McCowan
5-6 Bowzr Matt Crouse